About Us

Fresh & Flavorful

Customized Chinese cuisine.

Originated from the vast population and immense culture, Chinese cuisine offers a wide array of variety. This offers boundless opportunities to let it taste like heaven on earth.

With several branches stretching across Singapore, Ocean Seafood is not unfamiliar to many. Jointly set up by the enterprising pair Poh Chye Sing and Johnson Lim, Ocean Seafood is a chain of “Zi Char” stalls that are visible in coffee shops.

While Singapore is being termed as a food paradise, some of its best food is still found in places like coffee-shops and hawker centers. Mr Poh and Mr Lim eventually gave birth to Ocean Seafood with this vision in mind. They believe in serving restaurant-like quality food and services while keeping it at affordable prices for our customers.

Serving mainly Chinese cuisines, our chefs harmonized the Chinese culture with our local tastes to come up with a customized Chinese cuisine. They infused tradition with innovation to come up with new flavours while maintaining the tint of classical taste in the dishes.

Today, we celebrate the third year of Ocean Seafood thriving in the industry and we hope to further improve ourselves so as to better serve our customer in many years to come.